National Gallery of Scotland

A Saturday afternoon spent at the Mound in Edinburgh taking in the Caravaggio exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy, then across to the Scottish National Gallery. Unfortunately no photos allowed at the Caravaggio one but photos allowed (without flash) in the main National Gallery.


Two favourite paintings: El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) ‘The Saviour of the World’ about 1600. I like the direct simplicity of the pose and the lively brush strokes.


John Duncan (1866-1945) St Bride, 1913
The painting is described as “one of the outstanding creations of the Celtic revival movement”. Duncan drew on his close study of Celtic design and the techniques and aesthetics of early Italian fresco paintings to create a dreamlike and otherwordly image, subtly combining naturalism and formal pattern.


John Duncan’s paining reminds me of the graphic patterns and textures in Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” 1907-8

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