Eden Rivers Wonder World Branding


Brand Identity, Digital, Graphic Design



Artibrand created the identity for the Eden Rivers Wonder World exhibition, a partnership between Eden Rivers Trust and Tullie House Museum in Carlisle. The exhibition was created to inform and inspire 7 to 11 years old to learn and discover more about the Eden Rivers catchment and its amazing ‘super creatures’.

Artibrand worked with the partners, firstly forming the name of the exhibition, creating an identity and branding that could be developed throughout the 40m x 10m space at Tullie House along with online and offline marketing collateral.

As the project developed a series of bright silhouette graphics were created along with 4 characters; Heron, Otter, Lamprey and White-Clawed Crayfish.

Artibrand developed phase 2 of the exhibition concept and graphics, which can be viewed at Eden Rivers Wonder World Exhibition

Branding and graphics, Steve Kirkpatrick
Artibrand Limited