Jane Davies Brand Identity


Brand Identity, Digital, Graphic Design



Artibrand creates the brand identity for Jane Davies, Heritage Learning Consultants.

Jane was looking for a brand identity that reflected the idea of heritage, learning, engagement, collaboration, community and inclusion.

Part of our process is to create a workshop of ideas, where we explore optional routes before we start to produce digital designs. We research competitor brands and a wide range of icons and images to stimulate discussion. This process acts as a visual brief, where both client and designer can understand the subtleties of different shapes, colours and typography to create the right tone of voice to match their business USP.

We explored 3 main approaches based around the concept of ‘people/heritage/learning/engagement/collaboration/community/inclusion’. The idea of an organic image (tree shape) combined with people (hands and heads) created an unusual and dynamic badge that represents the ethos of Jane’s close collaboration with clients, consultants and community. Various refinements were made to the flow of shapes and the styling of the hands and colours before the design was finalised.

If you would like to see examples of our methodology in creating brand identity in more detail, please arrange for a free consultation: steve@artibrand.co.uk or 0771 741 1805.

Concept and design:

Steve Kirkpatrick
Artibrand Limited