Jaybox branding, exhibition and digital


Brand Identity, Digital, Interpretation



Jaybox make bespoke digital Jukeboxes which they instal and maintain into pubs and hotels throughout the UK. The company required a brand update to reposition themselves in their specific niche.

The client didn’t necessarily want to re-invent the company identity, therefore a brand pack was created that Jaybox could customise to tailor towards a variety of music genres, appealing to their target audience. The brand pack includes a series of icons, textures, music images and color palette.

The branding was introduced to maximum effect on their modular exhibition stand,  working out the space requirements of the exhibition, integrating how to capture the attention and maintain the flow of visitors. The solution was a bright 3d environment utilising each pillar of the stand to house a digital jukebox, with another sunk into a bespoke table so the Jaybox team could show potential customers their music interface and hardware in detail.

Design and concept:
Steve Kirkpatrick

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