NTS St Abbs Head interpretation





The National Trust for Scotland manage the visitor centre and property at St Abbs Head on the east coast of Scotland between Edinburgh and Newcastle.

The client required a permanent visitor centre experience. The main themes on the property can be divided between the unusual marine life and rugged cliff area that attracts many migrating birds. The visitor centre building is spread over two rooms which is on a slope. The second room can be accessed via a separate doorway further down the building or internally via steps – the top room was devoted to the cliffwalk area and the lower room devoted to the marine life.

A permanent exhibition was designed that would immediately reflect the rugged coastline and reveal some of the hidden gems that can be discovered through the property. The exhibition panels are offset at varying angles and house a sensor activated plasma with video and 3d interactive tools aimed at educating and engaging the young visitor. The rooms are quite compact so we also devised pull-out drawers within the panels to reveal rocks, hexagonal seats with storage and a cupboard space behind the framework of the panels.

Design and concept:
Steve Kirkpatrick