PTS branding and digital


Brand Identity, Digital



PTS (Plastic Technology Services Ltd), collects, compounds and recycles plastics. PTS required a rebrand to update their image and refocus their offering to new and existing clients.

After visiting their factory and seeing the process first hand, the approach was to design a brand identity that captured the process and product of the company. Their ‘end product’ is a pellet which can be tailored in terms of colour and compound, which is then passed to manufacturers to make their specific product (eg. bottles, crates, bins etc.). The process also involves a series of heat, drying and cleaning, so the plastic changes it’s form from liquid to solid.

The brand identity uses a pellet shape which has a graduation of colour from blue to green. The colouring infers the company’s green credentials, re-introducing the plastic back into production.

Design and concept:
Steve Kirkpatrick
Team designer:
Nicky O Toole
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