NTS Threave Estate branding and interpretation


Brand Identity, Interpretation



Threave Countryside Centre is owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland. The estate covers 1600 acres and is connected to Threave House and Gardens, which contains the first Bat Reserve in the UK.

NTS required an exhibition space to promote their wider estate and encourage visitors to explore and discover the biodiversity of flora and fauna. We designed and oversaw the complete installation of the project which involved partnering with many contractors, from flooring specialists, carpenters to sculptors.

The journey begins near the entrance to the old stables building in the estate where we commissioned a bespoke 3d crafted metal sign which directs visitors to the exhibition space. Once inside there is a bespoke framework of information panels, virtual birdhide area, video overview of the estate, video link to a bird nest, bespoke Elm bench for visitors to sit and absorb the information, 3d interactive tools for young people to explore, interactive touchscreen, touchy-feely box and quiz at low level throughout the space for young visitors.

We also designed a large format guidebook for Threave garden, house and estate, documenting the changing environment on a monthly basis.

Design and concept:
Steve Kirkpatrick
Mike Bolam