WLDAS branding, promotions and digital


Brand Identity, Digital, Graphic Design





West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service required a rebrand of image. Looking at the variety of services and complexity of subject matter, the approach was to simplify, making key messages clean and clear.

Working with the WLDAS team we have rebranded their website, annual report, leaflets and created two apps. The apps can be downloaded directly to a phone or tablet and be used to monitor daily, weekly and monthly use of smoking and cannabis use.

The smoking app was required to engage a young audience, be seen as non judgemental and provide impartial advice related to health, well being and finance. Before launching the app the WLDAS Smoking worker gained valuable user feedback from a young persons group. The feedback on the ‘cigarette’ character was very positive with some minor changes to props and colours before making the app live.

Design and concept:
Steve Kirkpatrick
Team designer (Apps):
Erin Campbell
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