Civic Square

Artibrand collaborated with client East Lothian Council, heritage consultant Lyndsey Clark, architects Rankin Frazer and other partners, in creating interpretation solutions at at Civic Square, Prestonpans, East Lothian.

The project was to regenerate the Civic Square memorial area, updating missing names from the war memorial, whilst creating a contemporary space for local people to pay their respects to fallen heroes from WW1 and WW2. The position of the square is in the middle of the High Street, providing a contemplation area and a point along the John Muir Way to access the town via the shoreline.

Our part of the project was to design two large format panels with maps of the shoreline and high street, and some in-ground interpretation, which takes the visitor along a balcony walkway to a new Juliet balcony, connecting the sea to the town.

We devised some in-ground engraving using some local quotes, song phrases and the words used to describe the names of the town as it developed throughout the centuries. A bronze plaque of the local community council was also redrawn and set into the stonework.