Preston Tower

Preston Tower

Preston Tower and Gardens is in the heart of Prestonpans in East Lothian. Artibrand worked closely with heritage consultant Lyndsey Clark, client East Lothian Council and a team of partners (NTS, HES, local community, contractors, architects) to create a first phase of interpretation working towards the tower being accessible to the public after several decades of being closed. 

The initial process was to consult with partners and the local community to gain feedback on their desires, and how they saw the future of the tower and gardens. Through a process of on-site and online community consultation we gathered feedback via forms, feedback boxes and cards, moodboard presentations and drop-in sessions. The general consensus was to implement interpretation which was informative on the history of the tower and gardens, and create a contemplation area where people could meet and talk and a heritage trail. The solutions should be ‘light touch’ and not dominate the space, allowing the hero, the tower, to shine. 

ENGAGEMENT: Community engagement, Doors Open Days organisation and participation, Heritage group engagement, multiple team consultation, community social media posts, historical research and documention.

OUTPUT: 3 freestanding Lecterns with panel prints, heritage walking map leaflet, zinc rubbing heritage trail, engagement video, site photography documentation, illustrated bronze plaque, contemplation circle design in Caithness stone with benches, variety of posters, leaflets, large format prints to inform on-site progress, interpretation masterplan.

We continue to work on this project into the next phase of development. If you would like to know more detail on the process of this project don’t hesitate to get in touch with or you can download our interpretation tips pdf which demonstrates the journey and creative solutions for this project:

Artibrand interpreting tips PDF