How do you create a brand identity from a blank canvas?

Well, it’s a lot to do with common sense in working with a client to find out their USP, but there is a point where the ‘magic’ happens, which determines the creative approach.

Access a case study pdf for some common sense tips on what to consider when creating a brand identity, and a detailed step-by-step case study of the Dark Sky Planetarium brand here.

Artibrand Branding Tips

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Preston Tower and Gardens

Artibrand worked closely with heritage consultant Lyndsey Clark, client East Lothian Council and a team of partners (NTS, HES, local community, contractors, architects) to create a first phase of interpretation solutions at Preston Tower and Gardens, Prestonpans, East Lothian. It’s been a busy and satisfying 18 months on this project to date and we’re looking forward to continue into the second phase of the project.

The solutions to date include: lectern boards, contemplation area, heritage trail with zinc rubbing plaques, interpretation masterplan and a host of marketing material.

You can view the documentation of the project at this webpage: Preston Tower and Gardens

You can also access a PDF case study of the project along with tips on interpretation planning here.

Artibrand interpreting tips PDF

Borrowstounness simulated stained glass

Local buildings were researched along with images of the towns heritage (coal, steam and shipping) and a skyline was created set against a sunset sky. The foreground displays some of the water birds you might see along the shorefront at Bo’ness: Oyster Catcher, Ringed Plover, Curlew and Cormorant.

This particular design is purely based on flat colours, although the process allows continuous tone (eg. watercolour texture or even a photograph). Where there’s white in the finished design, this will be clear on the end result, allowing light to shine through.

If you are interested in a tailor designed simulated stained glass window for your business or home please get in touch.

You can view detailed images and the installed design at Borrowstounness Interpretation simulated stained glass